Yasumasa Morimura


Artist Yasumasa Morimura has an interesting take on the art of photography: he includes himself in all of his work, recreating famous photos. You can see a few examples in this Designboom post, and if you’re in New York, today’s your last chance to see an exhibition of his work, “Requiem for the XXth Century: Twilight of the Turbulent Gods,” at the Luhring Augustine Gallery.

UpdateMorimura has a show, “Twilight of the Turbulent Gods/A Requiem: Chapter 2,” that started yesterday at Shugoarts and runs until February 16.


Neojaponisme: NeoMumblism


Mumbleboy contributes a gallery of images to the site.


The DoCoMo iPhone?

Although I’ve always assumed that the release of the iPhone in Japan would be through a partnership with Softbank, seems like it could very well be with DoCoMo. Thanks, Max!

Anime Nightlife

Gundam-inspired Bars


Mixing anime with nightlife — and not in a kinky way — Akihabara sees the opening of two Gundam-inspired bars, one supporting the Federation Forces, the other the Zeon faction. The themed interior features costumed staff (of course), with a menu that pays tribute to various characters. Anime News Network has more details, and here’s the original post (Akiba Blog) in Japanese with some photos of the exterior.

Tokyo Walking TV

Tokyo Eye 1st Anniversary

Starting today and running all week, NHK World TV’s TOKYO EYE is running a special episode to celebrate 1 year on the air, with a selection of segments from throughout the run. I’m told the visit I did to Cow Books in Nakameguro is to be included, and I expect you’ll see Patrick Macias and Matt Alt as well. Check here for the broadcast schedule.

Events Music

Juliana 1st Anniversary

The next “Juliana” party happens this coming Monday, December 24 (19:00-23:00), at Soft in Shibuya with the regular crew celebrating 1 year of Tokyo Fun Party action. I love what they did with the flyer design — click here to see the folding instructions.


The Return of Haruhi Suzumiya


I looooooved the original THE MELANCHOLY OF HARUHI SUZUMIYA series, and any fans of the show will love the way they recently revealed a few details about the upcoming second season. Anime New Network has the full rundown.

Art Events Fashion

Remix Shantell Martin


Artist Shantell Martin is asking people to remix the “On the March” drawing she did for the Tokyo Art Beat t-shirt series, with a selection to be shown in Tokyo sometime next year. You’ll find more info on the TAB page for Shantell’s t-shirt.

Tokyo Walking

Update on Claska


Earlier this year I mentioned rumors that the Claska boutique hotel would be closing down by the end of the year. Seems that it won’t be closing after all, but instead will be taken over by new management. The renewal, with more emphasis on a new “Japanese style,” will include new rooms and more events. The photo of room 603 in the post is by Liao Yusheng, who sent me the info (it appears in a comment for this photo).


PingMag: PET Bottle Design

Tokyo-based designer — and friend of PauseTalk — Bianca Beuttel returns to PingMag with another package design-related piece, this time covering the new PET bottle designs that occupy the country’s combiniscape.