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1001 Spikes

This is a really great game to have on your Vita. First off, the full title is Aban Hawkins and the 1001 Spikes, and yeah, it’s an Indy-esque flavored game with the difficulty of a Spelunky, and incredibly difficult environments to traverse. And even though I’m usually not that into playing games that like to slap me around in the challenge department, just like Spelunky did, I found myself addicted to trying to get through levels, despite my many deaths – and yes, often due to quite a few spikes. One of the saving graces is how quickly you can get back into the action. It’s a cross-buy game, so you can play it on either Vita or PS4, and the former has been my platform of choice. I was also excited to try the mutliplayer mode on the PS4 version, but on that end I was disappointed. The idea is a good one, sort of a hot potato mechanic with each player trying to hold onto a vase, but there are just too many environmental traps on the levels that it became frustrating to constantly die because of that, and not because another player was actively doing something to you.