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Affordable Space Adventures

You still have 1 day to get in on the “Friends of Nintendo” Humble Bundle, and if you haven’t already taken advantage of this ridiculously good deal, I encourage you to do so. I’ve been getting some play time on most of the stuff I got, and one of the games I’ve been enjoying the most is Affordable Space Adventures. Here’s a game that really shows off an interesting Wii U experience, where the Wii U controller screen plays into an important mechanic of the game (controlling the various internal engines/electronics on your ship). At the base, it’s a 2D exploration game where you fly a ship through the inner caves of a planet, which is already really fun, but add in some really great graphics and aesthetics, and like I said, a really neat use of the Wii U controller, and you have an absolute must-play Wii U game.