I thought it would take longer before I embarked on another 80s movie marathon, but I already felt like diving back in, and decided to kick off 1986 with Aliens. I can’t really say if I prefer Alien or Aliens — I love them both for very different reasons. But I’ll say that watching Aliens again — it had been quite a while — was just as enjoyable as I remembered it being. Great characters, great art direction (oh man that exo-skeleton), and great lines. There’s even more I want to watch from 1986 than 1985, and I think Aliens made for a perfect start.

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This movie is a lot better than you’d think. Sure, it’s cheesy as all hell, but in a delicious way. For me, it really reminded me of old school 80s action movies, stuff like Aliens, with all those classic character archetypes – the tough chick, the bastard, the spiritual one, etc. – and in a way it felt refreshing to watch, compared to the type of action movies we get these days (more grounded). I also love how it takes its time, like the long opening that just has Riddick dealing with the wildlife on the planet he’s stranded on. As a whole, it kinda feels like something that you’d have read in Heavy Metal magazine, and I’m definitely OK with that.