Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

I was admittedly late getting into Animal Crossing — it was only with New Leaf on 3DS, and it happened after my colleagues at the time kept talking about it, eventually convincing me to dive in (before that, I had zero interest in playing it, even though my wife was a fan). I quickly fell in love with it, not just with being in that world and doing the stuff you do there, but also to then talk with friends about the stuff I was doing, and exchanging our experiences. I was disappointed that they never released a version on Wii U, and while here’s hoping we’ll be getting a Switch version, there’s now Pocket Camp to give us a taste of that world again. I’ve been playing all week — probably putting in 1-2 hours every night on my iPad — and I’m quite enjoying it so far. It’s a condensed version of the regular game, but there’s enough to give you the satisfaction of interactions with characters, although you do miss out on the freedom you get in the regular games (at least what you got in New Leaf). Who knows how long I’ll last — I wouldn’t be surprised if I eventually tire of either an increased grind or lack of options — but for now I’m having a lot of fun playing it.