Japan’s Arcades

I can’t read it because it’s hidden behind a paywall, but looks like the Financial Times has a long piece on Japan’s arcades, and how they’re still quite popular. Would love to read it, to see how it compares with what we covered in our Arcade Mania book a decade ago.

Update: You can read the article by simply copy/pasting the title (“Game on: why Japan’s arcades are still winning”) in google, and then following the link. It’s a nice feature, and I was quite pleased to see Arcade Mania mentioned (Brian was interviewed for the article).

Games Web

Fuudo on Toco Toco TV

The latest episode of Toco Toco TV covers pro gamer Fuudo, and for me it’s an especially nostalgic episode as most of it is set in Ikebukuro — where I lived for around 13 years — and shows off the arcades I spent a lot of time in while working on the Arcade Mania book.