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GameCenter-DX Plays The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


I’m of course a huge fan of GameCenter-CX and Arino Kacho, regularly watching old episodes. But more than just a gaming celebrity, Shinya Arino is also a Japanese comedian, part of a duo called Yoiko, and his partner is Masaharu Hamaguchi. Nintendo has often partnered with GameCenter-CX to promote some of its releases — notably Super Mario Maker and Pokémon games — and one of these special web series takes the form of GameCenter-DX, where Hamaguchi takes on the roll of Executive Director (quite the promotion, considering Arino’s lowly “section chief” title). Where Arino sticks to retro games (Super Mario Maker being the understandable exception), Hamaguchi only plays new games, and the latest video has him playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s similar to what we’ve seen in the demo videos from E3, but fun to watch nonetheless.

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Mini Famicom


You’ve seen the recently announced Nintendo Classic Mini Famicom, right? This video does a great job of showing it off, and although I’d sure like to get one, I’m still quite looking forward to getting the NES Classic Edition when it comes out.

The best thing about this announcement though is that Nintendo re-released GameCenter-CX segments that were produced for them, covering some of the games that will be included with the Mini Famicom. The easiest way to watch them is through this YouTube Playlist, which contains all of them, as well as a few more (like the recent Pokémon series). Thanks to my fellow GameCenter-CX addict and Arino Kacho fanclub member Kyle for the heads-up.