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Astro Boy: Edge of Time (Demo)

This has just launched as a Kickstarter campaign, and what’s really nice is that they’ve released a demo that you can check out, that gives you a try at the card gameplay (a tech test of sorts). As I just wrote, I love card games, and I love the creations of Tezuka Osamu, and so this sounds like it would be just up my alley. Playing the game, I had a lot of fun, and it’s given me the urge to play more, and to experience the story too – yeah, just because it’s a card game doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun story too, and the premise is pretty interesting (it’s the end of the world/universe, and Astro Boy has disappeared). They’ve gotten a ton of fantastic artists to do art on the cards – in fact, that’s what the Kickstarter is for – and the music is really groovy. I really hope this gets funded.