Brand Canada

With the recent Apple TV update and the release of Apple’s Television app in Canada, I’ve been watching a bit more streaming stuff outside of Netflix. It got me to download the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) app, and I was surprised to see that all of their original series are all available to watch through it. Since moving back to Canada from Japan, I haven’t really watched any local TV, or explored much of the current Canadian mediascape — the glimpses I’ve seen didn’t really interest me much. But last night as I was looking through the CBC app I came across the Brand Canada web series — you can watch all episodes on YouTube — which takes a pretty fun look at how Canada is perceived around the world. There are some truly weird episodes (like the one about the “Meanwhile in Canada” meme and the karaoke episode), and I quite enjoyed binging through all of them (there are 10 and they’re pretty short, some more than others). I highly recommend it.