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Even though I’ve had this game for a month – it was part of the March lineup of free games through PlayStation Plus – I still didn’t get around to playing it until tonight. Part of it was that the name really turned me off, and also that it had been selected to join the PS+ lineup through a survey, over a game that I wanted to play much more (Assault Android Cactus). But I finally decided to give it try, and I ended up playing for quite a bit of time, and really getting into it. I think the best testament of its fun level is that I was trying to get through a section (the first covert level where you play with just one dude) and I was failing over and over and over again, yet I just kept going and going and going. The deceptively simple aesthetics start looking rather nice when things start blowing up, and the variety of dudes (OK, bros) you play are not only funny (all parodies of famous action heroes) but really fun to play in their own way (except the dude with the dynamite sticks, he kinda sucks).