Debaser Film

Child’s Play (2019)

I finally got around to watching last year’s remake — after having rewatched the original not that long ago — and gotta say that I quite enjoyed it. I definitely like that they updated the premise by going with “rogue A.I.” as the reason for Chucky’s killing spree, instead of the supernatural happenings of the original. It does make it feel more “believable” (well, you know what I mean), and it was still horrifying to see it do what it did (it’s maybe even more creepy when you see what malicious programming an achieve). I also liked seeing Aubrey Plaza in this — she does a good job with the mom role. All in all, a very decent remake.


Child’s Play

First off, I had completely forgotten that Brad Dourif plays Chucky, which was a pleasant surprise. I can’t remember what the last Chucky movie I saw was (probably the second or third), but I had a fun time with this. Sure, there’s lots of cheesy moments, but there’s still something pretty creepy about a doll running around killing people (and cursing). I hear they’re doing a remake film, as well as a new TV series, and re-watching this has made me more interested in checking out these new takes than I normally would have been.