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Color Guardians

This is another of this month’s free games from PlayStation Plus (like Tiny Troopers Joint Ops), and it’s been a pleasant surprise to play it. I knew absolutely nothing about it, and so it came as a nice surprise to see not only a beautiful and colorful game like this, but one that’s fun to play too. Think Bit.Trip Runner, but with more focus on selecting certain colors as you pass through obstacles and the like, with a lot of lane switching. It gets pretty intense even on the normal difficult, and although I completed the first world, I’m not sure how long I’ll last, as this type of game usually demands a lot of course memorization, and I’m not sure I want to devote a lot of brainspace to that (which is the same reason I stopped playing Bit.Trip Runner 1 and 2, games that I really liked as well). But take the time to try it out, it’s nicely done, and looks really pretty and cartoony.