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Why Is Yasuharu Konishi’s Drama BGM Often Used in Variety Shows?

The title of this post is literally the name of the new compilation that brings together highlights from Yasuharu Konishi’s drama soundtrack work over the past┬ádecade — the joke is that it often ends up being used as background music in variety shows as well. I quite like the Debusen soundtrack he did last year (even though I’ve never watched the series), and so I imagine this is something I’d quite like too. You’ll find more details on the release in this post over at Tokyo’s Coolest Sound. Also of interest, this new compilation by DJ Hasebe, Butter Smooth – Tokyo 90’s Groove, which Patrick says is Shibuya-Kei centric.


Japanese Sounds


Oh man, I really want to get my hands on these two compilation mixes, called Japanese Sounds, especially the Tatsuo Sunaga one — I was a big fan of Sunaga back in the Shibuya-kei days, and also quite enjoyed his live mixes from Tokyo’s Organ Bar. You’ll find lots more details in this Tokyo’s Coolest Sound post, including full track listings and some teaser videos.