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Man of Steel

It may be because I came in with pretty low expectations – considering that so many of my friends appear to not like this movie – but I ended up rather enjoying this. As big a comic geek as I am, I have never liked Superman, but I thought this was a pretty good take on him. I really liked the bits on Krypton – very sci-fiesque – and wouldn’t mind having an entire movie set there. As far as the action, I thought it was the best representation of super powered beings fighting I’ve seen on film – better than in the Marvel movies. You really could feel the force that was being used. I think people prefer the Marvel movies because they’re more fun – the DC movies wouldn’t be considered fun. The one thing I was really disappointed with was that they ended up introducing the stupid Daily Planet Clark Kent identity at the end – I was hoping they were going to skip doing that, as it has never made any sense that no one recognises him (but hey, in comics, you just go with it).