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Amnesia Fortnight 2014

Bar none, this is my favorite reality series. If you’re new to this, every year (or close to it) game studio Double Fine organizes an internal 2-week game jam, with 4-5 game prototypes getting made, and a lot of these games end up become full projects within the studio. The last 2 editions have been documented by 2 Player Production – who have also created the “making of” documentary for the studio’s Broken Age game – and so you end up with 10 half-hour episodes (plus a post mortem) that reveal what went on during each day of production. This year’s edition is still ongoing (“Day 7” is the latest release) and I’m so enjoying seeing how these teams are working together to produce games in such a short amount of time – I’m currently most interested in the Dear Leader game. Earlier this month they also released all the episodes for the 2012 edition, which I watched as well. I love waking up to a new episode, and it’ll suck when it’s over.