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Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

I finally get why so many people love Diablo III, but I really needed for this console version (I’m playing on PS4) to happen. It’s not just that I don’t have a computer that can handle games like this, but I also don’t really like playing games on computer with a keyboard and mouse anyway. I was tempted when it first came out on PS3, but then when it was announced that it would come out on PS4, I decided to wait for that edition, and I’m sure glad I did. This game is fantastic, and I also had a blast playing with 3 friends locally (with the only downer that I was playing with a Vita as a controller, which was not so great). Sure, it’s just a hack-and-slash, but there’s something so video game primal and fun about just going into new beautiful rendered environments to chop down enemies, and finding great new weapons and equipment for my character. This is quite possibly my favorite PS4 game so far.