Dragon Quest

Even though I have a big amount of respect for the series, I don’t actually have that much experience with Dragon Quest games – the first one I played was DQ8 on PS2, and then I played a bit of DQ9 on DS, but didn’t get super far in it. This year I played a bunch of Dragon Quest Heroes, and liked it for what it was (Dynasty Warriors-like with more RPG elements and pretty graphics), and then played the Dragon Quest Builders demo. So after all of this, it was a couple of days ago when I watched a recent documentary from NHK about the series (in celebration of its 30th anniversary) that I just got in the mood to go and play the very first game, which I had bought for iOS a while back, but hadn’t really played much. I started the game again, and 2-3 hours later I was still playing. Two days later, I’ve reached the final castle, and am just in need of a bit more grinding before I’m ready to face the final boss. And yes, I’ve already bought Dragon Quest II (the DQ games on iOS are currently on sale). As for the quality of the iOS version, I’m not crazy about using a virtual pad to move around, but I do find it convenient to play (I’m playing on iPhone this time), and I’ve gotten used to it.

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Dragon Quest Builders (Demo)

Been pretty curious about this game – I feel like it’s something that will give me the direction I find lacking (for me) in Minecraft – and so was happy that they released a demo so we can take it out for a spin. The first thing to mention is that I love the soundtrack. As for the building, it seems like it could be fun, although it remains to be seen how they continue to make it interesting for an entire game (I guess it’ll come with the raised complexity of what you need to build). It’s also a beautiful looking game. I won’t be buying it on release, but we’ll keep an eye out for deals.