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I’m also realizing now that I never did put up an entry for this game – I think at the time I held off because I wanted to wait and see what it would be like after they sorted out the issues. What a weird game this has been. I got it on launch day because I was so excited to play a racing game like this again – not having an Xbox One, I couldn’t get Forza Horizon 2, so this was to be my first big sim-like racing game on this gen of consoles – and of course this was before we all knew about the online issues. Despite not being able to connect online for weeks, I still played the fuck out of it, and I imagine I’ve put in over 30 hours, just played the solo events. Weeks later I finally started getting access to some of the online features – and so got to be in a club with friends, but because I had done so much of my playing without being connected to it, it was hard levelling up to unlock new club cars. I have still never been able to play an online multiplayer race, but to be fair I haven’t tried in over a month. So what to say, I can’t hide the fact that I’ve had a lot of fun playing this game, and the visuals are absolutely stunning (best looking game I’ve seen on PS4), but the fact that it didn’t work as advertised, and for so long, just left a bad taste in my mouth.