I first came across the Haikasoru imprint through a StoryBundle I bought earlier this year. It specializes in translations of Japanese sci-fi, and has already published quite a few famous titles, like All You Need Is Kill (that was turned into the film Edge of Tomorrow), as well as Battle Royale and Ico novels. Pictured are three anthologies they’ve released, that were all part of that bundle I got, and which I still need to get around to reading (I’m terribly behind on everything I have to read in my iBooks app).

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Edge of Tomorrow

I sure enjoyed this. I love me some sci-fi, I love me some mech suits, and I love me some interesting storytelling, and this movie had it all. And I still enjoy watching Tom Cruise in a movie, still think he’s good at what he does – hey, I even liked Oblivion – and thought he was just right for this. I don’t get why it didn’t do better at the the box office, as it’s pretty much the best action movie I’ve watched this year, along with Winter Soldier (yes, I haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet).