Exorcist II: The Heretic

As I start winding down my 1977 movie marathon (when I started, I immediately picked the 10 movies I was going to watch), this is definitely one of the weirdest of the bunch. The original Exorcist is of course a classic (but to be honest, one that I haven’t revisited in years), and I think I may have never watched this sequel, and just sorta remembered that it was never considered a good follow-up. As expected, it’s all over the place, and you never get the tense and horrifying elements that I remember from the original. That said, I still had a fun time watching it, sort of in awe of where it goes, and how weird it all is — a lot of it focuses on hypnosis that is done through a light flashing contraption — and that so many known and respected actors are part of it.