F Is for Family (Season 2)

I had really liked the first season of this series, but then when the second season hit during the summer, as happy as I was to start watching it, I found myself not really digging it — it felt less funny and just meaner. So I only watched the first couple of episodes, and then kinda stopped. I don’t know what made me want to continue watching it again recently, and I’m not sure if it’s because there’s an actual change in tone, but for me it got back in its groove and I was hooked again, quickly binging the rest of the season. I’d say the second half gets even funnier than anything in the first season. I’m glad I persevered.

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F Is for Family

I’m aware of Bill Burr, having seen him on talk shows and the like, but I’m not really familiar with his style of comedy, so didn’t know what to expect from this new animated series that he created for Netflix. It debuted the other day, and I watched the first episode, and I liked it. It’s pretty damn funny, and I quite like the 1973 setting – and also that it can be more crass than shows on network TV. Definitely looking forward to watching more.