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Freedom Wars

I’d always been interested in Freedom Wars because I liked what I saw of the esthetic of the game, but not enough to pick it up – doesn’t help that I’ve tried playing stuff like God Eater, but didn’t really get into it (and I’m sure that’s because I didn’t have anyone to play with). Well, with it popping up as a PS+ free offering for Vita, I was happy to give it a try. Having put 1-2 hours in it, I can say that it’s definitely an interesting setting for a game. I don’t know if I’ll manage to stick with it for a long time – and all the systems I need to deal with are a bit intimidating, so thinking I’m not going to play that much doesn’t make me want to learn them. But I do indeed like the look of it, the way it’s setup story-wise (you need to burn off time on your incarceration, through some sort of totalitarian regime), and the combat is neat.