Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

Also known as Friday the 13th Part V, man was this funny – and I think I did the right thing in watching it after midnight. I mean, it’s hard to take it seriously as a horror movie, because it’s so tame in every sense of the genre, including the violence, gore, and level of terror. The acting is about porn-level. But hey, I had fun watching it. It’s been so long since I’ve seen an example like this of the 80s horror slasher film genre, and as a trip back to the era, it was interesting. Silly as fuck, but hey, there was a time when this is what a horror film was supposed to be like, with dumb kids, lots of boobies, and ridiculous ways to kill people. The Scream movies tried to parody this stuff, but I think they never out-parodied the original movies. And to be honest, I’m kinda curious to watch Part VI, to see if it continues what is set up at the end of this one.