Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

After having such a good time watching 1985’s¬†A New Beginning (aka Part V)¬†earlier this year, I was going into this one hoping for another good time (watching it on a late Saturday night). Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. As much as I found Part V to be pretty tame in terms of the gore, it gets even more turned down here, and the silly acting just isn’t silly enough. With Jason officially turning into the supernatural creature that he’s generally known to be at the start of this movie, I guess you could probably say that this is where the series jumps the shark (which is pretty silly to say, as it probably really jumped the shark in the second one, but at least it stayed silly fun for the first 5 movies). After I watched Part V, I was actually looking forward to watching Part VI, but now I’m not particularly interested in following up with Part VII (if I get to marathoning the year it came out).