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New Galak-Z T-Shirt


My buddy Jake Kazdal runs his 17-BIT studio from Kyoto, and the latest game they launched was the fantastically fun shooter Galak-Z: The Dimensional (out on PC and PS4, with a mobile version on the horizon). I love this new Galak-Z t-shirt that just launched on Fangamer — you can bet I’ll be adding it to my growing collection of 17-BIT tees, that includes the one with the 17-BIT logo, and one for the studio’s first game, the excellent Skulls of the Shogun (released when the studio was called Haunted Temple Studios).

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Another game I was quite excited to finally get to play was the long awaited (mostly because I had been following its development) Galak-Z. I really liked Skulls of the Shogun (from the same studio), and knew that this game would have a fantastic visual sense (which it does), but it’s also a joy to see that it’s a satisfying game to play as well. I won’t lie, at first I thought I wouldn’t get through the first of 5 episodes, but by continuing to play and learning how to control my ship properly, and how to be cautious around enemies, I did eventually start getting better. It’s still a bit more punishing that I’d like – I wish you could replenish your life more often between missions – but I’m willing to persevere and see if I can actually get much further.