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Gantz: 0

I’ll start by saying what I didn’t like about this movie, and that’s the distracting breast animations on the two main female characters. But other than that, I had a blast watching this. The animation is beyond slick, and it makes all of the action incredibly stylish to watch. Definitely some of the best CG animation I’ve seen. I also like that the entire movie feels so self-contained, that it all takes place on one of the Gantz “missions.” But I think my favorite thing about the movie are all of the alien designs — inspired by traditional Japanese yokai, they’re really a joy to watch on the screen. I’m not that familiar with the entire Gantz storyline — I’ve seen the live-action movies, which were fine — and this is making me want to get back to reading the manga (I’ve only read the first couple of volumes).

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I just recently came across this new-ish manga from Hiroya Oku (Gantz), and was so absorbed that I plowed through everything that has been released so far (5 volumes) in one morning. It’s a mesmerizing and very dark take on what happens when someone suddenly finds themselves with fantastic (and mechanical) powers, good or bad. The two main characters are polar opposites, and both fascinating. I also love the highly detailed referenced art, which completely takes me back to my life in Tokyo (I recognize tons of places where I used to go often). It’s probably my favorite serialized comic right now, and it even pushed me to go and start reading Gantz (I’d seen at least the first movie, but had never checked out the manga).