Fall 2018 Anime Season

Coming off a relatively quiet summer season, I’m facing a fall season that has nothing I’m really interested in watching. The only thing on the list that I’m mildly interested is Ingress, and the continuation of Banana Fish, but even that, I only watched 5-6 episodes of the first season, and although I liked it fine, it never really grabbed me — I keep saying to myself that I’ll continue watching it, but I never do. Last season’s High Score Girl was fantastic though, and I still really enjoyed watching more Lupin the III Part V. There is more anime I’m interested in watching though, and that’s the stuff that gets added to Netflix. They recently added two new series I’m interested in watching: Last Hope (I watched the first episode and liked it) and Dragon Pilot — and I really liked the second Godzilla anime film as well.

Anime Debaser

Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle

I quite liked the first Godzilla anime film on Netflix, that marked the start of trilogy. The second part is now out, and I really enjoyed this one as well. Just like the first movie, it’s a hardcore sci-fi take on Godzilla, and this one features even cooler mech-on-Godzilla battles. Do make sure to stay for the after-credit tease, as it’s a big one, and makes me that much more excited for the next film.


The Shin Godzilla Review


There are no two people I’d rather hear talk in English about Hideaki Anno’s Shin Godzilla than my buddies Patrick Macias and Matt Alt. Take a listen then to their review of the film, part of Patrick’s Hot Tears of Shame series. The film is set to open in the west later this year.

Technology Tokyo Walking

Godzilla Wi-Fi in Shinjuku


Since I’m no longer based in Tokyo I can’t really comment on the access to free wi-fi in the city, but while I was there (until March 2015) it was horrible, and so it’s nice to see that our big green friend is taking care of covering Shinjuku ward in beautiful free internet vibes. The photo was taken by the always awesome Patrick Macias, Tokyo senpai to us all.

Debaser Uncategorized


Finally got around to finishing this – I say finish because I actually started watching it a year ago, and then just kinda stopped 15-20 minutes in, at the point where the family stuff is happening. I really get so bored with family stuff in big action/disaster flicks, just get on with the destruction already. In the end, I did like some scenes here and there, but there was so much uninteresting stuff to endure to get there (i.e. anything that didn’t have two giant monsters fighting on the screen). And why do they always have to set these things at night, I want to see it all in daylight, so you can really take in the spectacle. Oh, and Godzilla is a good guy? OK, sure… I’m much more interested to see what Anno’s upcoming Godzilla film will be like – I’m guessing it will be heavy with Evangelion-like mindfucking.