Fashion Stores

United Arrows

I still haven’t gotten around to reading it, but here’s a feature from GQ on the fashion chain United Arrows, about it’s place in Japan and what comes next. I’ve always quite liked what’s on offer there, but it tends to cost more than I’m willing to spend on fashion (I tend to be more in the Muji/Uniqlo range).


Instant Satisfaction

It’s Saturday evening, I’m at home relaxing on the couch, chilled beer at my side, flipping through my iPad, and I’m suddenly in the mood to read a new issue of something. I pop in the GQ app, buy the latest issue for $3. Instant satisfaction.

This is exactly why publishers need to get on the iPad as soon as possible. It’s not about appearing progressive because you’re “embracing” the digital medium or the — mistaken — fact that your audience may prefer reading digital publications over print. It’s about getting those people who are lounging somewhere, and want instant satisfaction. We’ve seen with the success of apps that people are very willing to pay $1 or $2 for just about anything without thinking much about it. I’m not particularly a huge fan of GQ, but I wanted to read a magazine, and right now I’m still limited in what I can get — I already have all the Wired issues, and although I like Time, I think it’s priced too high so don’t want to support them.

I want more magazines on iPad, and I want them now.