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Ishidan Marathon T-shirt

My buddy Gavin shared the photo you see pictured here, for a marathon he entered in Japan, and I absolutely love the design.


Snoopy Stamp

I quite like this lovely little Snoopy stamp that you can get in Japan. Photo via Duncan Shotton.

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Idea 44

Lovely cover for the 44th issue of Idea magazine (from 1960). Via Gener8ion.

Art Design

The Tokyoiter by YamanoteYamanote

The Tokyoiter project just debuted two new covers by the YamanoteYamanote duo of Julien Mercier and Julien Wulff.

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Coloring Inside the Lines/Coloring Outside the Lines

My buddy Ian Lynam is simply one of the smartest people I know on this planet, and when he writes something, you should pay attention. His latest zine — which you can order online from his Wordshape webstore — acts as a guide to new graphic design graduates. I also highly recommend his Start Somewhere zine, which sorta inspired me to get writing again (which led to the rebirth of this here blog).

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Nintendo Logos

As Steve Lin wrote in this tweet, here’s a “visual history of Nintendo logos courtesy of a recruiting brochure they sent to interview candidates.” Absolutely love these.

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Tokyo Graphic Designers

One of the creatives interviewed in that Mt. Takao photo essay is Riccardo Parenti, who is behind a terrific site, Tokyo Graphic Designers, that offers up tons of resources for graphic designers who would like to go work in Japan.

Art Design Tokyo Walking


This is such a great project. “YamanoteYamanote” sees two Tokyo-based designers (Julien Mercier and Julien Wulff) produce a pair of posters inspired by each of the 29 stations on the Yamanote line. They’ve produced posters for Akihabara (pictured), Kanda, and Tokyo so far. Via Tokyo Soup.

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Visit Tokyo

I don’t know where this image is from — I found it via this tweet — but I like it.

Update: It’s from this “Pixie Says Series” by Zivan Rosic (thanks, Shaun).

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Groovisions iMessage Stickers

I have so much love for Groovisions, absolutely my favorite graphic design unit from the 2000s, and not only are they being celebrated right now in Tokyo courtesy of an exhibition at Spiral — which I’d so love to check out — they’ve also released a set of animated stickers for use in iMessage.