Debaser Film

Halloween: Resurrection

As I mentioned after watching Halloween H20, I wanted to watch its direct sequel out of curiosity. The way they get out of Michael’s death in H20 is pretty ridiculous — and even more silly in that the producer forced the creators of H20 to develop this and put it in a contract while they were making it, as he wanted to make sure there was a way to continue with the series. The film itself is, well, whatever. It was fun seeing Katee Sackhoff in it, and strangely enough, the idea of using a web-based reality shoot with audience participation as a premise is actually prescient, but it’s also contrived. Why is Michael in that house and looking to kill these people? I don’t think he has a sense of honour to be angry at the “desecration” of his childhood home, so what gives? Oh well, at least the current reboot series (presented as a direct sequel to the 1978 original film) is much, much better.