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I had a chance to play the alpha release last weekend, and man, am I looking forward to more of this. As I’ve said many times, I’m admittedly not that big into FPSes, and never really got into Halo – the Xbox is the only modern console I didn’t own, and so I missed the first two, and then just played Halo 3 and ODST. What interested me about Destiny was the idea of being in a big world in which I can team up with friends for some co-op action, and that’s what it looks like I’ll be getting. But more than that, what I love is the look of the game, and the design of the world – the screenshot I shared that you see in this post gives you an idea of the beautiful sci-fiesque imagery you encounter. I also loved riding around on the hover bikes, and the shooting itself was decent, with guns that felt better to me than the ones in Halo. I’m now sold on this game, and I imagine I’ll be getting it day one when it comes out in September. I’m not even that interested in playing the beta that is set to come out next month, since I already know that I want to dig into the full game.