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  • Vice

    I’m a big fan of the HBO incarnation of Vice, and with a second season having recently started, I’m again enjoying watching reports on stuff that, well, you just don’t usually see covered by regular news outlets. And I say enjoy, but it’s more constant outrage, like with the report on slavery in Pakistan from…

  • NHL Revealed

    After the all-too-short 24/7 series ended I was hoping we could get more, and this is pretty much what the 7-episode NHL Revealed series. It’s pretty much just as good as the HBO show, except that we don’t have the great Liev Schreiber narration. Oh, and I wish there was more Habs coverage.

  • 24/7 Red Wings/Maple Leafs: Road to the NHL Winter Classic

    I really love this series. I’ve watched the previous 2 seasons they’ve done, and if anything, really wish that it was a year-long thing that followed multiple teams, and not just this short 4-episode run that we get. It’s an HBO reality series that follows the 2 teams that will face each other at the…