Hell or High Water

I’ll start by saying that I really liked this movie, but I don’t think I agree with the fact that it gets described as a modern western. I mean, I can see why — it’s set in the south (Texas), in a fairly rural part of the state, with wide-open scenery (on the open road), features man against the law, sheriff/marshal/rangers closing in, etc. But I think what really draws me to the genre, on top of all those things, is the idea of man against nature and the elements (those elements can be, and often are, other people), with the idea of exploration and undiscovered (or barely) territory, where anything can happen from moment to moment. It makes me think that a true modern western can’t really exist — although it can in a post-apocalyptic setting. But I digress, this is indeed a good movie, and it’s really beautifully shot as well — and there’s a really neat uncut long-shot sequence at the very beginning that sets the tone nicely. Great performances by everyone too.