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  • House

    I skipped watching this when I did my 1986 movie marathon (it didn’t even make the list of 40 movies I watched for that), and I can’t even remember if I ever watched it even back in the day — what I do remember is the VHS box at rental shops. In a piece I…

  • Plathome

    A bit of an old post on Spoon & Tamago that I just came across, it’s about a home with the punny name of “Plathome” because, well, it looks like a train platform — yes, that’s a real train wagon (no longer in use) next to it. Pretty fun idea for a house design.

  • A Mathematician’s House

    Another fine Japanese home — yes, yet another — to gently drool over, this time “A Mathematician’s House” (named after the owner, maybe) in Hiroshima. It was designed by Tetsuya Nakazono. Via Dezain.net.

  • I Remember You

    Science, metaphysicism, and architecture meet in Atelier Norisada Maeda‘s “I Remember You” home. More at Spoon & Tamago.

  • House H

    Even more than today’s HG House — yes, I know it’s confusing — I really dig Sou Fujimoto’s House H, especially the interior — it has an M.C. Escher meets Muji feel to it. Photographer Iwan Baan has a gallery of 40+ photos from the house. Via Designboom.

  • HG House

    Is it just me or does pretty much every architectural project that appears on Designboom and Dezeen — especially homes — come from Japan? Here’s another one, this time the HG House by Atelier Tekuto, which fulfills the client’s request of “living in the garage.”