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Invisible, Inc.


I don’t tend to play a lot of strategy games – especially not on PC – but as soon as Invisible, Inc. was announced I was interested in it. It’s no secret that I’m sucker for spy-related stuff, and I’m also a huge fan of the games that Klei Entertainment has been putting out (it’s one of my favorite indie studios). I was planning on waiting for the already-announced PS4 version, but when I saw it on a Steam sale, I decided to just go ahead an get it now to play on Mac. So far, I’m really loving it. I do have a soft spot for well-made turn-based strategy games (X-Com, Skulls of the ShogunFire Emblem), and this game really has a fun build-up, enveloped in a cyber-spy skin that I absolutely love. I’m glad I picked it up.