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Codex 05

It was Saturday night, around 2:00, which of course (I guess) was a perfect time to record a new episode of Codex (5). For this episode I decided to use a theme, and it’s a rather simple one: A selection of tacks taken from albums with titles that start with the letter “A” — I explain why on the show.

You’ll find the link to download below, as well as the playlist, and you can also subscribe to the RSS feed so as not to miss any episodes. Note that Codex is now also listed in the iTunes Store.

Codex 05 (42.5MB)

1. Flin Flon – “Ukraina”
2. France Galle – “Les yeux bleus”
3. Delicatessen Mixture – “Aguas de Agosto (Sunaga t’ Experience)”
4. Guided by Voices – “My Valuable Hunting Knife”
5. Matthew Sweet – “Time Capsule”
6. Sketch Show – “Wonderful to Me”
7. Taichi – “RPM”
8. Radiohead – “Pyramid Song”
9. Sufjan Stevens – “Dear Mr Supercomputer”
10. Melissa Auf des Maur – “Real a Lie”

Meta Music

Codex Now on iTunes Store

Just a note to say that Codex, my weekly music podcast, is now listed in the iTunes Store, which means that you can download episodes from there, as well as subscribe — here’s the magic link.

And speaking of the show, the playlist for the next episode is all done — it’s going to be a themed episode, first in a series — and you’ll also soon see the new December color combo for the cover.


Sexiness OK with Apple if in 360 Degrees

Remember the problems Esquire encountered this month in releasing its latest issue on iPad? Looks like as long as your content involves topless women that you can spin around 360 degrees, then Apple is A-OK with it — as seen in the amazing new feature included in The Sun‘s iPad app. (via Grids)