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The Witness

I really enjoyed my time with Braid, and I was definitely interested to see what Jonathan Blow’s follow-up game would be like. I might not normally have bought this, since I’m not really big into playing puzzle games, but my wife loves them immensely, and so I figured that this was a game that we could play together. That’s what we’ve been doing, but it’s been challenging because my wife is experiencing extreme motion sickness when we’re playing – whether she’s got the controls, or me – and so we’re now at a point where she can’t look at the screen while we’re moving around, but we’ll work together when we’re on a puzzle screen. I’m not sure how many hours we’ve played so far – you really do lose truck when you’re stumped on a puzzle – but I’m sure it’s a fair amount, and we’re moving along, despite getting quite frustrated a few times. More than anything, I’m interested in seeing how this all comes together at the end, hoping for some sort of Braid-like weirdness.