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Kill Bill Vol. 1


Watching Kill Bill Vol. 1 tonight, I think I’ve never enjoyed it so much. I remember that when it originally came out, although it felt more satisfying as a Tarantino film than Jackie Brown did, it almost felt too Tarantino-esque, like he was starting to parody himself. As outlandish as Pulp can come off as, it still feels grounded in some way. Here, we’re watching a cartoon (and I’m not talking about absolutely fantastic animated sequence about the origin of O-Ren Ishii, which I still think could have been made into its own movie). But for some reason, to me, time has been kind to this movie, and I found myself enjoying it way more than I have in the past – although I’ll say that for me it only started when we hit Okinawa and Sonny Chiba, whose performance I’ve always loved. But yeah, from that point, I just soaked it all in. I didn’t remember the House of Blue Leaves sequence as being so long and fun. And I wish every movie had a character called Johnny Mo. One thing that still bugs me though is that he uses so many different kinds of typefaces during the opening titles.