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King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember

Having grown up playing the original King’s Quest games – not all, but a bunch, and I still have quite vivid memories of playing King’s Quest V, which at the time had cutting edge visuals for an adventure game – I was pretty excited at the idea of revisiting that world, especially as it looked like an interesting (and indie) studio was in charge of producing it. Well, having played through the first chapter (5 are planned), I can I say I had a terrific time being in Daventry again. This game really does feel like what a modern take on classic point-and-click adventuring can/should look and play like (more than what you get from Telltale, which often feels more like a visual novel). Also, they really did a fantastic job with the visuals, with cell-sharing that nicely approximates a cartoon feel. Really can’t wait to play the next chapter.