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Legend of Dungeon: Masters

The other day I got a link to this article about the Twitch integration an indie dev (Robot Loves Kitty) was using for a game called Legend of Dungeon, by way of a separate free client that you can download (from Steam), called Legend of Dungeon: Masters. I was curious, and so immediately gave it a try, and was completely sucked into the simple experience of chatting with other watchers, having the player we were watching interact with us, and then contributing to the game by sending items or creatures his way. I’m not a big Twitch watcher at all, and so wasn’t expecting to get drawn in like I did, but I found myself really enjoying it. It was also fun when one of the devs popped into the chat, and answered questions we had about what was going on – most of us in the chat seemed to be experiencing it for the first time. If you’ve been curious about what Twitch viewer integration can be like, and where the fun lies, give this a try.