Lost Highway

My absolute love of the new Twin Peaks series (I’ve already watched episodes 1-4 three times, and this week’s episode 5 a couple of times) has me appreciating the work of Lynch again, and so the other night I decided to do a double bill of my two favorite Lynch films, Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive (followed by Blue Velvet, which I rewatched not long ago as part of my 1986 movie marathon). Lost Highway came out 20 years ago, and yet I still remember going to see it here in Montreal with my two roommates at the time, and then the discussions we had at a diner afterwards, trying to make sense of what we had just seen. That’s the Lynch I like, playing with narrative, offering clues and non-clues alike, and engaging us with visuals that can be beautiful or grotesque, or something in between. I still very much enjoyed watching it, and it had me considering/pondering the story again, and reading up on theories as soon as I was done watching.

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This is a very weird movie, and I can’t recommend it enough. I watched it a few days ago, and I’m still thinking about it. I watched this pretty much after watching Villeneuve’s Prisoners – which I also really liked – but man, this is a much more interesting film. The extreme yellow color-correction did bother me a bit at first, but I eventually got over it. It’s just one of those movies that leaves you with more questions than answers (in fact, there are basically no answers, at least no obvious ones), and it’s then fun to read up opinions on it – the same feeling I had after watching Lost Highway for the first time. And Gyllenhaal continues to be one of my favorite actors.