Lucha Underground (Season 1)

Right now I’m incredibly addicted to watching the first season of Lucha Underground¬†— I’m currently on episode 31 of 39 (they have the first 2 seasons on Netflix). I watched it for the first time back in 2015 while I was still in Japan, and was enjoying it at that time as well, but then stopped around episode 9 or 10 (probably in part due to the move). Getting back into it, I’m just reminded of how much fun it is, and how it scratches the pro wrestling itch I still have occasionally, but that I can’t get scratched from checking in again on WWE (there’s too much of it, and I just don’t care for most of the current roster, and I find most of the matches boring to watch). Lucha Underground has super fun (and silly) stories (and I like that they’re shot in a slick “TV drama” way), the high-flying action is truly exciting to watch, and I just can’t get enough of it.

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Lucha Underground


Gotta say I’ve been really enjoying this. It’s a new wrestling promotion that airs on the El Rey network, and focuses on the lucha libre style of wrestling – and is in fact connected to the Mexican AAA promotion. It does a great job of creating storylines to introduce all of these unknown (to me and probably most non-Mexican viewers) wrestlers, and also shoots the story segments in a slick TV style – not the “reality” style that we usually see on wrestling shows. And the matches themselves are quite exciting to watch, with a lot of high-flying moves and great interaction. After being out of following pro wrestling for at least a few years now, I’ve been slowly dipping my feet back in, and checking out what out’s there. This – which launched a couple of months ago, there’s been 8 episodes – is one of the things I’ve been enjoying the most.