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Mafia 3

I was enjoying the hell out of Mafia 3 last month. I’m a fan of the series – and open world games like this in general – and so was happy to get back into an open world retro setting like this. Yes, a lot of the activities end up being you doing close to the same thing over and over again (killing a bunch of dudes), but I was having fun even just doing drug runs, taking a long time to drive (or ride a boat) across the map, listening to good tunes (the 60s soundtrack is great). Then, I put the game aside (I’d played through more than a half) to play Watch Dogs 2, and when I came back to it the other day, I found myself in a bit of a shock. I missed the fun atmosphere of WD2, and also the more diverse missions and gameplay (mostly due to the hacking). Here I was, although still in a gorgeous world, back at just killing a bunch of dudes, which was quickly feeling old. It even got to a point where I’d sneak up on a group of enemies, and my first reaction was to want to hack a nearby car to run them over. I still want to finish it (I’m in the latter part of the game), but I wish I had finished it before moving on to something else.