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  • Marco Polo (Season 2)

    As I mentioned not too long ago, I finally got around to watching season 1 of Marco Polo, and now I’m halfway through season 2. Like I said then, I’ve really come to enjoy this show, and I’m a bit bummed that we won’t be getting any more seasons.

  • Marco Polo (Season 1)

    I watched the first episode of this Netflix series quite a while ago, around the time it came out, and remember thinking it was alright, and I was planning on watching more, but never got around to it. Following my recent HK film viewing spree, I was reminded of this series, and so dived back…

  • Marco Polo: One Hundred Eyes

    Marco Polo is one of those Netflix series I’ve been meaning to watch for what feels like forever, and simply haven’t gotten around to it. I saw that there was a new half-hour special that popped up – it’s in part to tease the upcoming second season – and so I decided to watch it.…