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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

As you may have noticed, I’ve really been enjoying playing games on the 3DS of late, and so it’s no big surprise that I was fairly excited at the idea of playing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, to the point that I got the game pretty much as it was released (midnight release on August 11). I’m not that familiar with the Mario RPG series, having only played one (Partners in Time), and not to completion, but man, I’m really enjoying this game. I’ve always been one to enjoy JRPGs, and so turn-based battles are something I like, but it’s really fun how these games build on that, adding so much “action” as part of the battles, to keep you on your toes. The story is fun but silly – as you’d expect – but the real fun is in exploring the world by way of Luigi’s dreams, activating various gimmicks to advance further. I can definitely see myself getting to the end of this.