Tag: mobile

  • Yoshiro Kimura

    This month’s Toco Toco episode is about game creator Yoshiro Kimura, who shares an interesting career trajectory — leading up to the mobile game he released recently, Million Onion Hotel.

  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    I was admittedly late getting into Animal Crossing — it was only with New Leaf on 3DS, and it happened after my colleagues at the time kept talking about it, eventually convincing me to dive in (before that, I had zero interest in playing it, even though my wife was a fan). I quickly fell…

  • Oquonie Creatures on Demand

    Hopefully you played the mobile game Oquonie when it came out a few years ago. The game was created by my friends Devine and Rekka, who are currently living on a boat, sailing the world — follow their Hundred Rabbits adventures here. Rekka, who produced the art on Oquonie, is offering to create personalized Oquonie-inspired creatures…