Mulholland Drive

The second part of my Lynch double bill was Mulholland Drive, a movie I’ve grown to love over the years. I remember not hugely liking it when it first came out. Knowing the story that it was a failed TV pilot that was later reworked and turned into a feature film, I disliked the way it suddenly shifted towards the end, at a point that made it obvious what was done when the decision was made to make it a film. But over time, I’ve come to appreciate not only what I imagine the original pilot “episode” was like, but also how Lynch decided to play around with it, and basically completely fuck with what he had, and just turn it on its head. I truly love it now, although when I rewatch it I alway feel sad at the thought that we were robbed of the chance of seeing another Lynch TV series. And like Lost Highway, immediately after watching it I was online, reading theories about the narrative and its meaning.