No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky just isn’t for me. I finally gave it a try this past week, and although my first night of playing (over a couple of hours) was pretty engaging, when I sat down the following evening to play some more, and I realized that I was just entering in a loop of going to a planet to gather resources (an activity I don’t find to be particularly fun) to then sell them and progress, I just didn’t want to play anymore. I still think it’s a neat game, and I dig the art direction and the idea behind it, and it’s quite possible that it gets much more interesting once you progress more, but I just couldn’t convince myself to care enough to get back into the act of gathering resources in order to progress.

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Joe Danger

I love the Joe Danger games so much, I’ve played all of them – including the fantastic iOS versions – and I’m still happy to be playing the first one, this time on Vita. It’s still fun, and it does feel really good on Vita. I’m of course so excited for No Man’s Sky, but the fact that it’s the maker of this series making it, even though it’s so different, makes me that much more confident that it will be a fantastic game.