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Koffee Mameya

Omotesando Koffee is back, sorta. I was sad to hear about its closing back in 2015, but Eiichi Kunitomo is not only back with a new shop at the exact same location (in the back streets of Harajuku/Aoyama), but with a twist as well. Koffee Mameya is more interested in selling you beans than serving coffee — you can order a cup to go, but that’s just an aside. Time Out Tokyo has a great piece that features an interview with Kunitomo talking about the new spot.


Mati Mati


Mati Mati is a beautiful series of stationery that takes authentic map data from areas in Japan as a graphic base. The first collection covered Marunouchi, Kichijoji, Omotesando, and Fukuoka Tenjin, while the new collection includes Yokohama (pictured), Kyoto, Umeda, and Kobe. It was art directed by Yuruliku Design.

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Strike a Pose, There’s Nothing to It

Strike a pose.

Last week – on Saturday, which was the day “Fashion’s Night Out” was held – as we were walking down Omotesando, we were stopped by a group who were taking street shots for Vogue Japan, to be used on the magazine’s website, and possibly other sites.

They of course wanted to shoot my wife and pooch.

Above, you can see the photographer taking a few different shots, and one shot did in fact make it to the Vogue Japan site – I’m not linking to it because my wife is shy, and didn’t want me to share it.

In a funny coincidence, I had met the photographer a couple of years ago, because he had attended one of my PauseTalk events.

Pooch is now Vogue-worthy.