Design Food

Nissin Hot Water Pouring Bag


What a fantastic idea for a bag — and you can buy it from the online Nissin store for 300 yen. Read this Spoon & Tamago post for more details on how it came about.

Food Web

23 Koffee


23 Koffee looks like a great project that centers around a package of 23 types of coffee beans, each sourced from one of Tokyo’s 23 wards. They’ve also set up an Instagram hashtag (see the site for info) to chronicle coffee recommendations from each ward. Found via Canvas.

Photography Tokyo Walking

Prints by Justin Epperson


I wrote about Justin’s great Tokyo photography a while back — make sure to follow him on Instagram, where he shares new shots on a daily basis — and now he’s started selling prints and a tee through Redbubble. I think the shot included in this post would look fantastic on a wall.